Cheers and aloha. Remember me?

A couple years back I’d write these long posts about the things I was learning — stuff like what the financial crisis meant for you and me, or about keffiyah fashion, or things like Starbucks’ brand revitalization.

I took a little hiatus, but I think that I’m going to write again.

I remember when I decided to start writing — it was 2007, I had just moved to New York, I had just started business school, and the world had just started to collapse. My pals were all asking me about what this “subprime crisis” meant — so, I decided to write it down. Tumblr was relatively new and made it really easy - both with ux and the welcoming community - for me to just write. So I created a blog, called it What I Learned Today, and wrote about what I was learning in school, what struck my interest in the news, what made me curious.

I liked it. I learned a lot. I briefly had a couple freelance gigs spring from it. I even considered pursuing writing further. But then — I got real busy. Life kinda took me in a direction I did not expect, and I now find myself as the founder/CEO of a craft ice cream company here in NYC. Yes, ice cream. We’re called MilkMade, and we make damn good ice cream. In small batches. With the the best local ingredients. In unique flavors. And we deliver pints to your door once a month. Here’s our tumblr.

I’ve learned a lot, and experienced many an adventure (and more a misadventure) in the last few years of building a business and living life, and I think that I’d like to pick up writing about what I’m learning again. Doubtful it will be about the markets and economy, likely it will be more about personal learnings in work/life/adventures (this post contains the most I’s I’ve ever written, ever). Ok so that’s it, we’ll see how it goes.

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