a traditional kind of gal

A friend of mine is hosting a New Years party themed around New Years traditions. She’s from Atlanta, so her tradition is to eat black eyed peas and collared greens, symbolizing good luck and good fortune in the new year. As usual, I was curious and researched up on other New Years traditions. Also as usual, I am inspired (crazy?) and am going to try to enact all of them tonight. Here’s the plan!

I shall make and eat lasagna: In Italy, this would bring me good luck.

I shall break the China on which I ate said lasagna: In Denmark, this would bring me more friends.

I shall wear white: In Brazil, this would bring me good luck. 

I shall wear yellow underwear: In some South American countries, this would also bring me good luck and, ooo, perhaps love.

I shall eat 12 grapes at midnight: In Spain, this would ensure 12 months of good luck.

I shall write down every bad thing that happened this year on a piece of paper, fold it up, and then burn it at some point in the evening: In Mexico, this would remove negative energy from the new year.

I shall write down all the things I hope will occur this year on a piece of paper, fold it up, and then burn it at some point in the evening: In Venezuela, this would make all of my wishes come true.

I shall eat plenty of collared greens on New Years day: Per Southern tradition, the more collared greens I eat, the more money I will make in the new year. 

I shall write the name of 12 men on 12 pieces of paper, put them under my pillow, and choose one in the morning: In Lithuania, whatever name I pick is the name of the man I will marry. (I’m not actually going to do this one, but it’s pretty entertaining.. it’s MASH, NYE style.)

I shall jump seven waves: In Brazil, this would make my wishes come true. (Do piles of snow count?)

2011 y’all. Let’s do this.

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